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Why do you need a specific Pc for your gaming?

Modern gaming computers are comparable to a mainstream Pc with the addition of components designed to increase the machines power and performance for the specific purpose of playing video games.

High-performance video cards, and high core-count central processing units that sacrifice power efficiency for raw performance are some of the modified features in a gaming machine.

Custom Built

Let us build you a gaming machine

Diskworld offers a bespoke gaming machine service, where you can choose the individual components that will give you the performance that you need.

Ready built

Choose a pre-made machine

We hold stock of pre-built gaming machines of different specs.  Speak to a member of our Team who can advise you on which machine would be most suitable for your needs and budget.

Repairs and upgrades

Already have a gaming machine but would like to upgrade the spec or get it repaired, then Diskworld can help.  Contact the Team.

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